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When a woman gets worked up, and we mean really worked up, she has the ability to squirt. It’s a wild thing to see in real life, and not many men are lucky enough to hook up with a squirter. If you haven’t found one yet, don’t worry. You can revel in the wonder of the female orgasm by checking out these squirt porn videos. Watch as these gals are teased and fucked until they reach their breaking point — and that’s when they have their explosive orgasms.

When some chicks say that they’re cumming, they really mean it. Getting overly excited gives these foxes the ability to squirt, and they send a stream of ejaculate through the air just like a guy does. Not every woman can squirt, and ladies don’t squirt every time they have sex. But when they’re having an especially raunchy session, they can’t help the way their bodies react. Before they know it, their holes are tightening up and suddenly releasing all their frustration in the form of lady cum.