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When you go to work, you’re expected to put in eight hours of effort if you want to get that paycheck. For these horny hoes, all they have to do to get paid is get on their backs for their bosses. This collection of office porn videos is wild — these slutty secretaries wear next-to-nothing to work and then act surprised when all the guys want to hump them. We’re pretty sure they know exactly what they’re doing.

After you watch these office sex videos, you might think that you’re in need of a career change. So many females head to the office, all with the intention of getting laid. They bat their pretty eyes and flick their hair; it’s no wonder that the men can’t keep their dicks in their pants. It’s usually the boss that takes advantage, calling a seductive slut into his office so that they can have a little one-on-one session, with her naked over his desk while he pounds her until she screams.