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Homemade porn videos are those that have been made at home by amateurs. These voyeuristic men and women know that they have a spark, and they want to share it with the world. Probably one of the best things about homemade sex vids is that there is no faking. The sounds you hear are all real, and there are no cuts and reshoots to take you out of the moment. Definitely consider this genre if you prefer a dose of reality with your porn.

When it comes to homemade sex videos, you typically have the solo starlet or the couple who wants to share. Solo movies typically involve a beautiful girl massaging her body, especially her tight pussy, in an effort to get off. When a couple comes on screen, they often mmic their normal lovemaking, so it’s almost like getting a peek inside someone else’s bedroom. If you like your porn to be easy-paced and real, you won’t go wrong with these homemade options.