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When you head to secluded bathroom stalls in some parts of the city, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a magnificent thing known as a glory hole. Literally a hole cut between two bathroom stalls, a glory hole is a place where a man can get his dick sucked by a willing recipient. Sometimes the cocksucker is a chick, but other times, it’s a gay guy who just wants to taste some delicious meat.

These glory hole porn videos detail the encounters of horny guys looking for a quickie. When they find a glory hole, all they have to do is send the signal; sometimes they’ll tap their foot, other times they’ll just stick their junk in the hole and wait for the pleasure. One of the most alluring things about having your prick sucked at a glory hole is that you may never see the person on the other side of the wall. That adds an extra layer of excitement to the sexual rendezvous.