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Some females are just dirty, there’s no other way to explain it. When they deliver a mind-blowing orgasm, they have no interest in swallowing down that tasty cum. Instead, they want that cream all over their faces. And when that happens, you end up with facial porn videos. If you can resist seeing a beautiful slut’s lovely face smeared in jizz, these are the videos that you need to check out.

When a guy gives a lady a facial, it’s like he’s marking her. He’s showing her and anyone watching that she belongs to him, at least in that moment. While facials are hot for dudes, don’t underestimate the pleasure that a woman gets from this filthy act. For some chicks, getting a facial is enough to take them over the edge. As sperm drips over their lips, they furiously pleasure their clits until they’re releasing their own torrent of cream.