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Face Sitting - Latest Porn Vids

Girls need lots of clitoral stimulation to get off, so when they’re eager for a back-breaking orgasm, facesitting is a position they’ll often go for. After pushing a man onto his back, a horny hoe will put her vag over his face so that he can use his tongue and lips to pleasure her. He’ll lick and massage her click, and he’ll use his tongue like a tiny prick to penetrate her hole. This kind of stuff drives bitches mad, so when she can’t take anymore, it’s time for the big finale.

One of the fastest ways to get a woman to cum is to shove your face into her slit. These face sitting porn videos show perfectly just how effective this move is. Once her most sensitive parts are tickled by an experienced mouth, she’ll lose control. She won’t be able to help the way her body jerks and her hole throbs. Even better, even if she comes, the guy can just keep going to make her jizz time and time again.